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Plumber Estimated Charges & Fees

It is common for anyone to want to estimate the plumber's charges before sending a plumber down. However, this is not to your best interest as often, without onsite assessment of your plumbing problem, you may be quoted a low price over the phone while end up paying much more when the work is done.

At Family Plumber Singapore, to protect your interest and our reputation, we put together a pricing guideline below for our customers to better gauge the charges for each type of plumbing problems. When you call us, we will arrange for our PUB licensed plumber to visit your place to fully assess your problem and advise you on the total repair costs, giving you our most competitive pricing. There is strictly no obligation and work only start when you give us your approval. Our onsite quotes on parts and labour are fully guaranteed whenever you decide to engage our plumbing services later.

Description of Services Unit Rate
Clear toilet bowl chokage $60 - $250 onwards

Replace kitchen sink/basin tap (normal type)

$60 onwards

Labor & material to repair exposed copper pipe leak (n.e. 1 Meter)

$80 onwards

Rectify water discharge into toilet bowl by replacing new siphon

$80 - $120 onwards

Supply & replace bottle trap for kitchen sink

$50 onwards

Replace Sink/Basin/Cistern flexible hose

$20 - $40 onwards

Clear floor trap chokage

$50 - $150 onwards

Water Leakage Detection


Labor & Equipment to detect water leakage of concealed pipes in condominiums

$120 - $200 onwards

Ditto as above in landed property including underground pipes

$250 - $350 onwards

Ditto to commercial properties including underground pipes

$500 onwards

Additional charge for transport

$10 onwards depending on timing

Replacement Work


Supply & install toilet bowl

$250 onwards

Supply & install basin

$150 onwards

The extent of plumbing problem will determine the actual cost and thus, after our plumber's assessment, we will be able to provide you the detailed breakdown of the necessary plumbing works and parts required. We also seek your understanding that plumbing emergencies and night calls tend to cost more than ongoing home plumbing maintenance services mainly due to their complexity and urgency factors.

To protect your interest, all plumbing services by Family Plumber Singapore's professional plumbers carry up to 3 months guarantee which is backed by our company receipt, so if the same problem should arise, we will gladly rectify it for you at no cost. No more worries of unprofessional works done as it is to our interest to ensure that we solve your plumbing problems right the first time.

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