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Useful Plumbing Articles

At Family Plumber Singapore, we attended many house calls daily to solve various plumbing services problems. As home owners ourselves, we understand the frustration and helplessness when a plumbing emergency strike. As such, we compiled some useful information and self-help plumbing services tips to equip you with some basic knowledge, so you can minimize the chances of facing a plumbing emergency as well as be well prepared when you face one!

Some Useful Plumbing Tips on Bathroom Accessories:

Spending some time to maintain your bathroom accessories can often prevent plumbing emergencies and save you money. At Family Plumber Singapore, we will like to share with you some useful tips to keep your bathroom plumbing system running efficiently.

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How to Unclog Toilet Bowl Yourself?

Everyday, we receive numerous calls from customers facing choked toilet bowls problems. As one of the most used bathroom accessories, many tend to take it for granted until it broke down. The good news is that a simple toilet bowl choke can often be solved without calling a plumber. In this article, we will like to share with you how to unchoke a toilet bowl yourself.

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Some Useful Water Conservation Tips

In Singapore, scarcity of water is very real. Thus, it is important for all of us to do our bit to conserve it. Besides saving our planet, we can also save money from lower utility bills.

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Some Useful Plumbing Tips on Kitchen Accessories:

At Family Plumber Singapore, one common plumbing problems faced by our customers are the choking of kitchen plumbing system. As such, we specially compile some useful tips to help you keep your kitchen running efficiently and lower your plumbing bills.

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Common Household Plumbing Services Done by a Plumber

Besides complex sewer and drainage problems, a plumber is often called upon to solve some plumbing problems for households. This article shares with you the causes of these common plumbing problems faced by households and how a plumber fixes them.

With the built up of greases, fats and detergents on the inner walls of the kitchen drainage pipes over time, it is common to face for it to clog. When this situation arises, a plumber will normally try to clear the choked kitchen drain with a plunger to unclog it. If this doesn’t clear the choked drain, they will often use an electrical plumber snake to cut through the clog to allow water to flow again.

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